Thursday, April 21, 2011

Laughing Moon Con 2 and Henchmen

 Laughing Moon Con, the convention so awesome it garnered a sequel: Laughing Moon Con 2!

Lame jokes aside, it was a fun event.

 Last Laughing Moon Con 2 I was only able to attend for a relatively short period of time, but in it I felt a sense belonging with the many games payed throughout.

 This year I was given a unique perspective. That's right, I ran a vendors table for Clockwork Ninja Films promoting the web series Henchmen! But I'm not here to shamelessly promote my own stuff.

 Todd VanHooser, the mind behind everything Laughing Moon from The Laughing Moon Chronicles, to The Laughing Moon Girls, Adventures Under The Laughing Moon and of course Laughing Moon Con, created a fun daylong event focusing on bringing in a younger generation into gaming and everything geek.

 Attendees from the gamer curious to the man in wizard robes gathered around in the spirit of tabletop competitiveness. I should know, I too gave off a victorious cackle throughout gameplay. Such as when I played Henchmen: The Tabletop Battle Simulator... Good thing I'm not advertising myself.

 Reps from the upcoming gaming convention Vul-Con were there with their awesome Gladiatorial Coliseum!

And the entire time I sold nothing but dreams of evil tomorrows and methods of henchmen warfare. People at Laughing Moon Con 2 got a first hand look at Henchmen: The Tabletop Battle Simulator 2011 Dethbörd. But fear not, I shall not shamelessly promote Clockwork Ninja Films' our web series Henchmen nor our awesome free to download PDF game Henchmen: The Tabletop Battle Simulator and how we have a 2011 Dethbörd that will showcase all of the violence from games we play at conventions and gatherings. No sir, I'm just a geek talking about a great convention.

Did I forget to mention our favorite Actres/Model/Cosplayer/Laughing Moon Girl/Newest Henchwoman Caribean Sera was there?  Or that she got to try out her new gun for size?

I'd say it's perfect fit.

 Richard Wilcox writes and produces for Clockwork Ninja Films, randomly jabbers on Twitter, is the father of 2 (soon to be three), husband of a goddess, and likes pie.


  1. YAY!! I had so much fun playing with my big gun! Can't wait to get in full costume and start filming!

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