Monday, October 18, 2010

Phoenix Comicon 2010: Probed: Signals Uncut!

Do the guys from Probed: Signals have what it takes to be henchmen? You decide!

Thank you Owen Virgin and Kevin Herrmann of Probed: Signals for playing along as well as a special thanks to The Phoenix Comicon for giving us the opportunity to meet. Be sure to check out the awesome scifi web series Probed: Signals.

Get Probed!

Tracie's Tooth Fairy

Whether directly or indirectly cancer has affected us all. Even so, many people don't know about the toll of treatments on cancer patients.

I am at this time calling forth to all who watch our videos and read this blog to join in helping these people regain their smiles!

To start, "like" Tracie's Tooth Fairy Facebook page, then do one of the following:

1. Go to any Chase Bank and make a deposit to Tracies Tooth Fairy account (contact for the account number)

2. If you prefer paypal you may make your donation to

3. If you have items of value that may be auctioned off, you can donate them. Contact through the Tracie's Tooth Fairy Facebook page or email

4. If you are a dentist or work with one and your office would be willing to do pro bono or reduced price work, again, contact through Tracie's Tooth Fairy Facebook page or email

5. If you want to volunteer to hand out flyers at events, again contact through Tracie's Tooth Fairy Facebook page or email

6. Spread the word over any and all social networks you participate!